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tai chi qigong shibashi: 10 thru 12

tai chi qigong shibashi contents

tai chi qigong move cloud hands tai chi qigong move scooping the sea tai chi qigong move pushing the waves

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All the moves to be done at the same time are in small blocks. Each block has a name like transition move and then all the actions for you to do are indented.

For more help with basic techniques and the instruction layout go to tai chi instruction

- enjoy your tai chi qigong shibashi

position check

body facing 12:00;
feet shoulder width apart; weight on right leg;
left hand pushed out - palm to 12:00; right hand face up at right side waist


cloud hands in a horse-riding stance

overall effect

It looks like you are drawing rounded rectangles with your arms. BUT it only looks as though arms are waving from side to side. You get the effect from turning the waist and letting your arms just follow!

tai ci qigong move cloud hands

transition move:
turn to left:
change arm to right on top:

tai chi qigong movement coloud hands

return to center from left:
turn to right:
change arm to left on top:
return to center from right:

Repeat: turn to left thru return to center from right 4 times

end of this tai chi qigong shibashi instruction


Scooping the Sea and Looking at the Horizon

overall effect

its like bending down to scoop up a handful of water and raising it to your head before fanning your arms out and down again for the next scoop

tai chi qigong move scoop the sea

transition move
left bend forwards:
left scoop up
separate hands left:

repeat left bend forwards thru separate hands left 4 times

scooping the sea

center from left:
turn to right:
right bend forwards:

looking at the horizon

right scoop up:
separate hands right

repeat right bend forwards thru separate arms right 4 times

end of this tai chi qigong shibashi instruction


Pushing the Waves

overall effect

imagine that you are pushing forward and pulling backwards so that you can draw circles with the heel of your palm tai chi qigong move pushing the waves

center from right:
turn to left:
left push forward
left pull back

repeat left push forward thru left pull back 4 times

pushing the waves

center from left:
turn to right:
right push forward
right pull back

repeat right push forward thru right pull back 4 times

end of this tai chi qigong shibashi instruction and end of this group - congratulations

If you find that a tai chi qigong shibashi instruction is unclear then please contact us