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When we started out we bought quite a few tai chi videos, DVDs and books trying to find ones that were right for our level of ability and understanding. Some we have are very pretty - great scenery - not so good on explanations.

Others are demonstrations by masters which look wonderful. Its amazing how good tai chi can look - it's a real shame that they were too advanced for us.

Last time we looked at Amazon and our local video store there were tai chi videos everywhere. And their content doesn't seem to be described any better now than it was when we started out.

tai chi videos, DVDs and books can be expensive - we don't want you to make the same mistakes we did.  So we're going to go through all the videos, DVDs and books we have and write formal reviews of them for you.

tai chi videos, DVDs and books are supposed to teach you something, principles, techniques or even just give you insights into the art - so we'll look at how well they teach tai chi or Qigong - if the basic principles are covered - are the instructions safe - that sort of thing.

And we'll look at how difficult they are. Not all tai chi videos, DVDs and books are aimed at beginners and lots more don't tell you about the more difficult features - we will!

We're starting with our favorites - because we would be happy to recommend them. And then we'll dust off the others and see what we think of them now.

We've cheated a little because we'll be mixing videos (tapes), CDs, DVDs and even on-line learning packages  in the same group.

We hope you find the tai chi and Qigong reviews useful - and we hope they help you find the right thing for you.