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shibashi movements - postures 7 thru 12

shibashi movements contents

18 postures move carry ball to shoulder 18 postures move gazing at the moon 18 postures move turning the waist and pushing the palm

tai chi qigong move cloud hands tai chi qigong move scooping the sea tai chi qigong move pushing the waves

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Carry Ball in Front of the Shoulders

shibashi movement carry ball to shoulder shibashi posture carry ball to shoulder


Gazing at the Moon

shibashi movemment gazing at the moon shibashi picture gazing at the moon


Turning the Waist and Pushing with the Palm

shibashi picture turning the waist shibashi movement pushing with the palm shibashi postureturning the waist


cloud hands in a horse-riding stance

shibashi picture cloud hands

tai chi pictures wave hands like clouds


Scooping the Sea and Looking at the Horizon

shibashi picture scooping the sea shibashi movement scooping the sea shibashi picture looking at the horizon


Pushing the Waves

shibashi picture pushing the waves shibashi-move-ment pushing the waves

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