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tai chi cartoon Standards of tai chi training offered by schools and teachers vary widely. Both in terms of the curriculum taught and in terms of the quality of the teachers.

And as far as I know there is no single way to check if a teacher is qualified.  

Your best bet is to do some research first.

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Look at our tai chi video clips and see which forms and styles appeal to you.

Search the local papers, free magazines and yellow pages. Contact local colleges or adult education centres they often run classes. Tai chi and Martial Arts magazines are a good source and if you live in the US - some have the schools listed by state.

Use the internet search for

"tai chi class" + mylocation

use the " marks or you'll get thousands.

Join some of the tai chi lists on the internet and find out if there are any personal recommendations for schools or teachers near you.

Once you have found somewhere:-

Go check the school out before you commit any of your time and hard earned cash. Talk to the students - find out what they think - watch a tai chi class.  Check out the school rules.

We believe that to get the most from tai chi and qigong exercises you need to enjoy it - it should be something you do because you want to - not because you 'have' to.

Picking the right tai chi class with a good atmosphere and a good teacher is a great place to start your tai chi training.

If you can't find or can't reach a class then you could learn tai chi at home or learn tai chi online