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graphic of qigong form Qigong forms forms come in many shapes and sizes from a single exercise to several sets of exercises making up a full healing system.

Many of the forms are designed to combat a specific health condition so you get forms for the heart, the lungs, the stomach, for headaches, for slimming etc. You get the idea if it can go wrong somewhere there is a form to help.

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But forms are also used to prevent problems and you find that many of them are used to promote health and longevity.

And you may find that many of the exercises you do for tai chi warm-ups are really qigong exercises and there are literally thousands of these.

We've listed forms we do and that we will be providing instructions for - some day - and other forms we read about.

qigong forms we do:

an 18 posture form designed for shoulders and backs.

eight pieces of brocade
a very old form designed to improve flexibility, strength and general

pearl of immortality
a tai chi ball routine used to clear out specific meridians ready for healing

mandarin duck looks for nest and
mandarin duck finds nest
Again no idea what either of the duck routines do and we've never seen them anywhere else - everyone we've ever shown them to loves them

swimming dragon
The Dragon swims to the bottom of the sea, then all the way up to the Heavens
used for slimming and spinal toning tiny video clip

rising dragon
no idea what this is for but it is wonderfully relaxing and is a firm favourite in class.

bamboo mountain chi kung
with Joi Eden and Betty Sun


Other Qigong Forms

jade body qigong
An interesting example of a traditional qigong form handed down to Dr. Liu Dong.       top

fragrant qigong instructions or in PDF format
Fragrant Qigong is a simple qigong that we're told has become the most popular qigong in China
They even offer to email level 2 when you are comfortable doing level 1



pan gu mystical qigong
Pangu Shengung, or, the Heaven and Earth/Sun and Moon exercise describes how to use qigong to absorb the essence of the sun, moon and universe. The pan gu book includes notes on the principles and philosophy of qigong practice with step-by-step details.


wild goose qigong
Very extensive collection of forms follow the link for videos clips and more information.    top