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tai chi qi gong: postures 16 thru 18

tai chi qi gong: postures 16 thru 18 contents

tai chi qi gong move turn like a flying wheel tai chi qi gong move steppiong and bouncing the ball tai chi qi gong move balancing the chi to close

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All the moves to be done at the same time are in small blocks. Each block has a name like transition move and then all the actions for you to do are indented.

For more help with basic techniques and the instruction layout go to taichi instruction

- enjoy your tai chi qigong shibashi instruction

Position check

body facing 12:00;
feet shoulder width apart; weight centered;
arms at sides ; palms in to thighs

Turn like a flying wheel

overall effect

imagine that you are a old fashioned windmill with big wooden sails turning first in a clockwise direction and then in an anti clockwise direction

tai chi qi gong turn like flying wheel

circle clockwise up:
circle clockwise sky:

tai chi qi gong turning flying wheel

circle clockwise down:
circle clockwise ground:

Repeat: circle clockwise up thru circle clockwise ground 4 times

NOTE: change direction:

turning like a flying wheel

circle anticlockwise up:
circle anti clockwise sky:
circle anti clockwise down:
circle anti clockwise ground:

Repeat: circle anti clockwise up thru circle anti clockwise ground 4 times

end of this shibashi instruction


Stepping and Bouncing a Ball

overall effect

it's like watching a puppet on strings with the arm connected to the opposite knee. So when your left arm goes up your right knee comes up and your right arm is connected to your left knee.

stepping and bouncing the ball

transition move:
left bounce up:
left bounce down:
right bounce up:
right bounce down:

Repeat: left bounce up: thru right bounce down 4 times

end of this shibashi instruction


Balancing the Chi to Close

overall effect

imagine that you are scooping water in your hands to cool your forehead and then using the sides of your palms to brush away any spills down the front of your body... tai chi chi quieten chi

transition move:
raise chi:

tai chi chi ground chi

ground chi:

Repeat: raise chi thru ground chi 8 times

calm moment:

end of this shibashi instruction and congratulations you have reached the end!

If you find that a shibashi instruction is unclear then please contact us