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    We have found lots of great resources for you to try out. We hope you find something you like. You can either keep scrolling down or go to the contents list using top

    Tai Chi Breathing: Your Health Booster!
    Dissolve stress, improve your tai chi. Century Old Secrets Revealed In 5 Simple Steps...

    Learn Chi Energy Manipulation
    Discover the Real "Closed Door" unique techniques. You will be amazed.

    qigong healing and hypnosis
    combine qigong and hypnosis to master techniques

    Shaolin qigong course
    22 lessons and written instructions that build systematically on the week before. Discover how 15 minutes a day of our methods can help you

    Free qigong course
    Discover  Master qigong and tai chi with this powerful course. Sign up for free sample lessons...

    PDF files to download

    Here we list the PDF files that you download from other sites.


    Chiron site

    Ronnie Robertson is one of the top UK instructors with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. If you go to this site you can download two pdf files - for the first and second sets of shi ba shi. Each has a short description of the shi ba shi move plus some information on the benefits of each move

    set 1 original instructions

    set 2 instructions



    other sites with shibashi instructions

    These sites have a variety of styles of instructions from stick pictures to moving snips - hope you like them.

    18 form Chi Kung guide
    Simply called a guide to 18 form Chi Kung it has short descriptions of the shi ba shi moves on a single page



    shibashi sites of interest

    What do we mean by a site of interest - it has to do more than just say it teaches Shi ba shi it either needs some good content or a service that might interest you.

    Lesley is a great teacher and runs private classes and workshops in the UK - she also has a very easy to follow Dvd of the form.

    NHS approved instructor course
    Somerset Skills and Learing provide nationally recognised Level 2 or 3 OCN and REP's Advanced CPD Shi ba shi courses covering the theoretical side of shibashi as well as practical teaching and assessemment. The site covers the range of information taught and details of how to apply.