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There are hundreds if not thousands of tai chi video clips and qigong and chi kung videos scattered over all the video sites that have sprung up in recent years. And a lot of what you can find is badly lit and shaky and some of it is very misleading not to say downright dangerous. We found that finding good ones that we could learn from and be inspired by was very time consuming.

So to save you time we've looked for the best ones and broken them down into several categories based on the style, the form and the type of taiji video clip.

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We also split up the videos into whether they were a demonstration by an expert, a performance for a competition or a donated lesson or teaching video.

You can use the tai chi video menu - top left menu - to see all the current categories.

And you might like to check out Marcus's site it has 14 great full length clips of different forms and styles including some weapons forms. Marcus's site.

Most are from the 1980 and 90s with some from the 50's very interesting - and the good news is that there is a download facility. The 24 Short Yang and the Sun form are our favourites and we can't help but be impressed by the weapons videos. If you are looking for good tai chi videos to buy check our new taiji review section - small but growing. Or if you want to see what is available then browse through  our taiji videos