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What do you need tai chi accessories for?

You might well ask - especially since we spend a lot of time saying that you don't need any special equipment to get started.

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It was about 2 years before we got our first, proper accessory - a tai chi ball.

It all depends on what you want to do.

We needed a ball because we started to do a ball routine called the Pearl of Immortality.

Then we needed a fan because we were learning the Rainbow Flying fan form.

And lastly we acquired a sword because ....

you guessed it (!) we began a taiji sword form.

And while all of them require you to extend your reach and adjust your understanding of the fundamental principles of ta'i ch'i movement - to take into account the ball, fan or sword, there is a kind of logical progression.

There are other accessories too that we have never tried, there are broadswords, poles, rulers, wind and fire wheels and no doubt lots of other ones we've never met.

Of course there are the ordinary things that we probably don't even think of as accessories.

As you start to do more complicated forms with lots of turning and weight shifting your footwear becomes more important and you might choose to wear specialist tai chi shoes.

If you decide to enter competitions or teams then you might want to wear the traditional taiji uniforms.

Whatever you choose always remember that you should feel comfortable and you should be safe.

A good fit, a comfortable grip and the right weight and length are the keys to most tai chi accessories.