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Why a tai chi shopping section? Because we often get asked where to buy tai chi shoes, swords, books and all the other accessories that you can find yourself wanting.

A list list this can save you time and money - and lets face it time is the one thing that we can't replace. Anyway the time saved can be used to practice (big grin!).

Most of the stores are based in USA and because we are based in the UK we have not had the opportunity to buy from each of them. So we've looked at the customer feedback and the general order process. If everything looks reasonable we put them here.

If you have a favorite supplier and can recommend them we can add them too - just drop us a line.

Hope this helps you find what you need



Chinese herbs and spices

A lot of people have written in about Chinese medicine and Chinese teas so we looked around so far we've found  ..... Herbs, Foods, Supplements, Bath & Body International and local shipping is by weight - something to remember if you like to bulk buy. Its worth a look just to see the range of teas - I think there were 77 when I last looked. They also do a huge range of other things including aromatherapy oils, foods, supplements, dvds. click here for Chinese herbs and teas



Get A Great Mobile Audio Player - FREE! We've found this company that does audio downloads they don't have a big selection but it does include Ken Cohen's :

just put Qigong in the search box and they'll all be displayed on the screen. Hear a qigong book at Audible.




For Canadian users. 

chapters.indigo.caHas a large selection of book and dvds just remember that you will have to use the search facility more that once - use tai chi, taiji, qigong and chi kung - to make sure you see their full range



dvds and tapes

The same is true about DVDs often you find the big names like Sony do dvds and other times you need to go to specialists we've put in a selection of both.

For Canadian users.  Has a large selection of book and dvds just remember that you will have to use the search facility more that once - use tai chi, taiji, qigong and chi kung - to make sure you see their full range

more info coming soon



Complete learning courses




music to practice to

Music suitable for tai chi and qigong can be quite difficult to find - especially if you are not close to a large city.

coming soon


traditional to ultra modern tai chi shoes

Martial Arts Supplier

One of the major martial arts retailers has some great tai chi shoes ranging from the tradition cotton kung fu shoe to the ultra hi tech Discipline shoes.

They do international shipping but you have to wait for them to confirm the pricing details. In the USA they are often run special shipping offers.

Just scroll down the left hand navigation bar you'll find them in the uniforms section under martial arts shoes


swords for the sword forms


They have a limited range which varies but they usually sem to have the collapsible version - great if your state has laws about weapons and blades. Here in the UK you cannot carry anything with a blade of more than 6" (don't quote me I read it in a newspaper!). Technically that includes my gardening shears and dressmaking scissors!

Please note that swords are not shipped internationally - its it in the small print. This is a common clause in lots of stores - its to do with custom regulations.

just scroll down to the weapons section and then look for tai chi swords


teacher certification

coming soon




I don't find tai chi uniforms comfortable - the frogged buttons just never seem to be in the right place - but I know that a lot of people like the way they look and feel more proficient when they are wearing them. And there is no doubt that some of them look very smart indeed.

They don't actually have tai chi uniforms but they do have Kung fu uniforms. For 100% polyester, frogged buttons and mandarin collars. International shipping, cheap USA shipping.

If you prefer silk or cotton then you are in luck. The main difference in appearance is that the jackets have different colored buttons and turn up cuffs and you find that pants and jackets are sold separately - great if you (like many of us) different size top and bottom - you know what I mean. I quite like the look of the black and red combination.


other tai chi weapons

coming as soon as I can find some