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Nothing fancy just a quick list of the latest news - take all delivery dates with a large pinch of salt.;

December 2007

Added a whole new section for auctions - I've been getting a lot of questions about where I buy my tai chi stuff. So to make things easier I've just put all my specialised sorts onto pages for you. tai chi auctions
I've also created a complete new section yang short form  for the 37 posture or cheng man ching form - lessons, video clips resources - all that sort of stuff In the background I'm re-ordering and upgraded the training and information material - should be finished end of January

November 2007

Upgraded the 8 brocades section to new format and created video-clips

October 2007

Lost rising dragon and mandarin duck when computer was upgraded - still looking for it on back up disks
created a whole new section for wild goose qigong  with recourse pages, video clips and posture names

upgraded the beijing 24 section to include video-clips

September 2007

Updated the shibashi segment of the site adding

new video pages and a new sub menu that squeezes itself to the top of the menu area on the left
Also added a memory chart with all 18 moves on a single page

August 2007

Started upgrading the look of the site to a column format
working on documentation for rising dragon and mandarin duck - 2 qigong routines
should be finished September