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collection of shibashi books We have found lots of great resources for you to try out. We hope you find something you like.

Tai Chi Breathing: Your Health Booster!
Dissolve stress, improve your tai chi. Century Old Secrets Revealed In 5 Simple Steps...

Learn Chi Energy Manipulation
Discover the Real "Closed Door" unique techniques. You will be amazed.

qigong healing and hypnosis
combine qigong and hypnosis to master techniques

Shaolin qigong course
22 lessons and written instructions that build systematically on the week before. Discover how 15 minutes a day of our methods can help you

Free qigong course
Discover  Master qigong and tai chi with this powerful course. Sign up for free sample lessons...

There appear to be quite a few books about shibashi - shame we did not have them when we learnt the form. Mostly they do not have shibashi in the title - that's why it took us so long to find them.


First Steps to Chi Kung

chi kung by K Y Wong

K.Y.Wong ISBN 9781864760989 - in review pile!
Explains some of the basics of Shibashi a very small book with cryptic instructions and pictures that don't always quite match up. An interesting place to start.


Qigong for health and vitality

qigong for health and vitality by Michael Tse ISBN 07499-1336-3. Each step is explained in detail and there is an overview of Qi, Qigong and meridian channels. We've had a quick look and we like it. It's in the review pile.



Taiji Qigong

taiji qigong by jarmey

by Chris Jarmey ISBN 1-903333-05-9. Covers the theory of Qi and the principles of practice and breathing. Uses line drawings to show the moves and gives some good tips about achieving the best effects. We've had a quick look and we like it. It's in the review pile.

Tai Chi for Stress Control and Relaxation

stress control by Khor

by Gary Khor (Author)
reveals the healing and health maintenance art of Tai Chi. Developed from ancient Chinese philosophies, Tai Chi uses the principle of relaxation as a tool for good health. This book gives step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations to help you follow the Tai Chi Qigong movements easily. It provides a thorough background to the development and principles of Tai Chi and makes it simple to understand.

sets from Australia

shibashi set 1 from taichicom au

Chi Kung (Qi Gong) - Acucise your way to health Taiji Qi Gong Shibashi: 1st Set by Master Allan Kelson (English; 67 pages, b&w, illustrated; 14.5x21cm)

shibashi set 1 from taichicom au Chi Kung (Qi Gong) - Energy for life Taiji Qi Gong Shibashi: 2nd Set by Master Allan Kelson (English; 64 pages, b&w, illustrated; 14.5x21cm)