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We used to think that following a written tai chi instruction was one of the hardest things to do - then we tried to write our own.

We were wrong. We now think that writing tai chi instructions - so that you have a good chance of understanding them - is much, much harder.

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One of the benefits of writing out the instructions is that you have to focus on the smallest detail and that makes you much more aware of what is happening. If you have some spare time you could try writing down what you know. This will highlight areas of your knowledge that you might want to clear up.

We've broken the instructions down as far as possible to make each bit simple to do on its own. The hard bit comes when you try to put it all together !. 

The instruction section contains several pages - have a look at the instruction menu at the top left  the screen to see what's in there   top  or read on for a quick overview.

The layout page explains why the instructions look the way that they look - and what the colours and indented bits mean.

graphic clock dial The turning directions offer a hint for keeping track of where you are during turning sequences.

And yes, the clock dial is a bit of a giveaway (big smile).

The rest of the pages cover things like breathing techniques and  help with posture and speed.

If you want to get started with a qigong pattern then why not have a look shibashi and see if that appeals to you.


If you find the tai chi instructions unclear or if you have any queries about the exercises or have some favourite qigong exercises that you would like to share then contact us .