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We have created a collection of pictures to go with our qigong exercise instructions. We always find that reading the instructions is easier after you have seen the pictures.

These pictures were shot in continuous shooting mode - that means Rosie was actually doing the complete exercise and the camera just kept clicking. So you should be able to see the path of the moves much better than if we had just 'posed' for you.

To make things faster we have just put the first section of the move on this page - that way if it look interesting you can click on the link and go to see the full page with all the instructions.

We hope you like them



qigong exercises:

autumn breeze blows the leaves
Gentle side to side turns of the waist and neck - a very calming and soothing qigong exercise


awakening the qi
 Very slow, gentle raising and lowering of body and arms good for opening a qi gong set


balancing the chi
ideal exercise for closing a qi gong pattern. Gently stores generated chi


beautiful woman turns the waist
hip rotations with a pretty qigong name


cloud hands
gentle qigong waist and neck turns - good for back stretching    top

flying like an eagle
good exercise for all areas of the back - incorporates calf raises and sweeping shoulder movements - also good for clearing the lungs of stale air and promoting better balance   top

gazing backwards at the moon
this qigong exercise involves bending forward from waist and turning the neck to gaze over your shoulder - a good back strengthening exercise and great for balance.     top

holding the sun in one hand
a forward and backwards rocking movement (one leg is stepped forward) accompanied by horizontal arm circles. Good qigong exercise for back and balance.     top

quietening the chi
Another good exercise for closing a qigong set.     top

raising the arms
A good exercise for starting a qigong set - the gentle upwards and downwards movements of the arms helps promote deeper breathing and a sense of calmness ready to focus on the rest of the exercises     top

roc spreads its wings
A slightly more advanced qigong exercise - involves bending forwards and backwards from the waist - care needs to be taken not to overextend the neck   


rowing on a calm lake
arms straight out to sides making half circles - great qigong exercise for the upper back and shoulders          top

scooping the sea
another bending forwards and backwards qigong exercise - great for strengthening upper and lower back


turning like a windmill in a calm breeze
reaching up and bending at the waist as the arms make a big, lazy circle. Good for the back and for training the balance mechanisms in ears. Can make some people dizzy – qigong with a buzz!


end of qigong exercises