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chi exercise - quietening the chi

quietening the chi exercise contents

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Qigong exercises energise the movement of chi in the body and at the end of a set of exercises it is good to store or redirect the chi back into the Dantien. It might help to think of Dantien as a battery (inside the body about 2 fingers width below the navel and a couple of inches inwards) that you have just recharged.

This exercise looks as though you are scooping water into your hands to cool your forehead and then using the sides of your palms to brush away any spills down the front of your body

There are many exercises to balance or store chi, this one is the closing move of an 18 posture tai chi chi kung exercise called shibashi. If you would like to learn more please visit shibashi introduction







chi exercise instructions:

opening position:

quietening chi exercise

transition move:

quietening chi exercise

raise chi:

quietening chi exercise

ground chi:


Repeat: raise chi thru ground chi 6- 8 times


return to opening position:

optional calming time:

repeat  until feeling nice and calm

complete closing:


end of chi exercise


Putting it all together:

The complete chi exercise sequence

quietening chi exercise quietening chi exercise quietening chi exercise