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tai chi 24 forms video clips

We've looked through hundreds of tai chi 24 forms video clips for you. Some were excellent, some were just plain wwrong, others were the complete set of moves and still otheres just a couple of moves with explanations. We also found a lot that were not quite what the title said they were - so be careful what you ask for in search boxes!

Anyway, here are the some of the ones that we liked best.

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example of youtube play button If the screen shot has a big play button then it means that the clip is held on youtube, just press the play arrow.

Otherwise the clips take you to website of the performers and will open in a new window so you can always find this one.

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tai chi video clips
Marcus's site has a good range of clips from experts doing the full form to clips showing a single form. We have found some really good Tai Chi video clips of experts performing the various Tai Chi Forms. These are really inspirational – just remember that these people have being doing Tai Chi for years and are competing at the highest levels of the sports.

The beijing 24 form and the Sun form are our favorites and we can't help but be impressed by the weapons videos.


Taiji 24 Forms

There are no details included about who the lady is but all the moves are crystal clear, the turns of foot, the weight balance and the hands are excellent. Add to that is the fact that the music is the one used by my first teacher when I learnt the form years ago.



Sifu William Dere

Demonstrates the tai chi Yang 24 after his class at UCBerkeley.



tai chi 24 forms with Wang Zhi Ping

Very beautiful very graceful but it looks as though there is an extra move in there.


Simplified Yang 24 performed by Wang Zhi Ping. I found the music very jarring with bongo(?) drums and twangy and I didn't think the tempo suited the speed of his moves. That said - turn the music off and its a great watch. Of special interest are the posistion of the elbos and the lower kicks.



Su Renfeng

Very flexible and graceful 24-Step Taijiquan performed by former China's University Sports champion.
Very high kicks with clear movements with good lighting and no sound.
Chinese calligraphy sometimes appears on the screen but I have no idea what it is saying.



Angela Hsu Cantafio tai chi 24 forms

A gold and silver medal national and international champion. The form is demonstrated very slowly from a side on viewpoint in what looks like a howling gale. Very clear wiwth transitions and breathing beautifully coordinated. I found the music a little jarring and had to turn it down after a while.