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cheng man ching form video clips

We've looked for cheng man ching  form video clips for you. And these are the ones we like best.

example of youtube play button press the play arrow on the center of the screen shot to play the video. Scroll down the page to see all the ones we found



Performed by Chen Man ching

The 37 posture Yang Taiji form was developed Chen Manching (1900 - 1975) and this is old, old footage.
As you would expect it is in black and white and very blurry. Very interesting to see where he focuses his eyes.


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Nicholas Karram First 3rd

first third of the 37 form performed really slowly so that you can almost see the weight shifting. Somewhat dark music.


Chen man ching again

A different clip in dark sepia - the whole thing looks a lot smoother
Chinese commentary. And again interesting to see the man who created the for performing it.


Mr Mead

This UK instructor shares his practice session with us - first in the teaching hall and then his morning practice session. It's 7 in the morning its chilly.


A class of students

Always interesting to see how a class of students tackle the form. Although this is shot outdoors the lighting can be a problem. You get a good idea of the overall flow and some of the moves are very clear.