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ba duan jin video clips

We've looked through most of the online video sites looking for ba duan jin and eight brocades video clips for you. And to be honest we did not find many in English - some in French, Spanish and a few in Chinese..

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example of youtube play button press the play arrow on the center of the screen shot to play the video. Scroll down the page to see all the ones we found



Eight Piece Brocades Chi Kung

A ba duan jin clip from Master Jesse Tsao with a complete demonstration of the eight silken movements followed by an example lesson. The lesson is for the third exercise - separate heaven and earth and contains information on the stomach and spleen meridians activated by the moves. This is followed by a small demo of just this move - for more practice

Qigong - Eight Section Brocade - Master Zhou jingxuan

First move and the archer - very athletic, very flexible - no commentary.

Spanish Ba Duan Jin

no commentary, no music just the move - differences in the bends

Ejercicio 1 Ejercicio 6 Ejercicio 7 exercise Ejercicio 8