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37 posture yang

The 37 posture yang form also know as the Cheng man ching or yang short form does not seem to be as popular with videos sites as some of the other forms. These are the only competition tai chi video clips we found.

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example of youtube play button press the play arrow on the center of the screen shot to play the video. Scroll down the page to see all the ones we found



Taiwan in 2000

Tai Chi 37 Style Competition with Barry Lin. Nice movements, very clear action from both of the players in shot. No sound apart from the odd burst of clapping in the hall. what is interesting is seeing the small differences between the players.


HIMAC 2007 Tai Chi Form

unknown lady in pink is very smooth and flowing. A bit of camera shake and the odd cough from the audience. there were some fast bits that reminded me more of Chen style so I am not 100% convinced this in the right section.