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24 form tai chi

24 form tai chi competition clips

The tai chi form is practiced throughout the out the world by ordinary folk doing it becuase they like it. And many people also like to swim or cycle or ski. But we all know that there is a world of difference between the performance of the Olympic athlete and the rest of us.

Tai chi is no different, so, this section is dedicated to those who take it further.

Awesome, inspirational and .... why can't I get my bottom that close to the ground?

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Lightning tai chi

Tai Chi 24-Form performed by Lightning Tai Chi at the 1st Tai Chi World Cup in Taipei, Taiwan in Nov. 2006.

I love this - especially with the music. And the poise and balance shown on the kicks. Switch to the full screen mode - the faces will be fuzzier but you can see the details of the moves much more clearly.

Tai chi to aspire to .




wushu cutie

Ok - ok I know this is not the 24 form - it looks like free style but really .. 6 years old Abigail Chu competes at the Quebec Wushu Championship in Montreal. This is her optional Chanquan form