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wild goose qigong video clips

We've looked through most of the online video sites looking for wild goose qigong video clips and we did not find many at all. Most of the ones we found are actually previews of dvds that you can buy on

Oddly enough we could not find any trace of volume 7...

vol 1 - the first set of 64 movements

vol 2 - the second set of 64 movements

vol 3 - kunlun bagua qigong

The turns of the body as you walk in a circle together with the turning of palms promotes balance of yin and yang. Improves co-ordination and balance.

vol 4 - spiral and tripod qigong

a wide variety of movements to stimulate chi flow

vol 5 - soft palms qigong

lively and flowing

vol 6 - patting along the meridians

said to stop energy deviations

vol 8 - 5 elements and bagua qigong

wild goose qigong VIII martial arts movements incorporated into soft Qigong movements to enhance Qigong effects