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wild goose qigong dvds

wild goose swirlAlthough wild goose qigong is a huge system we found that only Dr Hu covers most of the range. Everyone else just had versions of  the first and second sets.

Also for the first time we found that it was possible to download or rent wildgoose dvds from Amazon and its almost 50% cheaper and no postage (a lot of Dr Hu's dvds are available). Snag is that it is only available to people in the USA.And we still found some VHS tapes

combined 1st and 2nd set with Yang Meijun comments

wild goose disc picture Demonstration and instructional  DVDs (2). English Dub and subtitles.  Only available from the site - pay by paypal and a wait couple of weeks for it to come from China - ours in in the post. visit site   

Yang Mei Jun, gives explanations in the program regarding the key points for every phase in the 128-posture routine form.

Note: A pupil performs the moves.



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Wild goose dvds by Dr. Hu

Dr Hu has produced a range of DVDs that cover most of the published wild goose system. You can get them from dr hu at amazon . For more information about what each dvd covers have a look at our wild goose system overview

wild goose set 1 disc graphic

1 - First 64 Movements  

Physically the form rotates and moves all the major joints leading to increased flexibility, co-ordination and improved circulation of both qi and blood.


wild goose set 2 disc graphic

2 - Second 64 Movements

The 2nd 64 movements covers a complex range of techniques  including weight shifting - slightly different from traditional taiji weight distribution - coupled with changes of pace and emphasis in the center periphery - splitting movements.

wild goose kunlun bagua  graphic

3 - Kunlun Bagua

In some ways this qigong revises the basics of fluid weight shifting, core stability and balance and adds the need to co-ordinate upper and lower body movement to both the turns of the hands and the turning of the body.


wild goose Tripod and Spiral graphic

4 - Tripod and Spiral

Tripod and spiral is unique in providing a variety of training within one set of qigong movements, ranging from postures, relaxation, stretching, the free flow of qi, and finally achieving the microcosmic orbit.


wild goose Soft Palms graphic

5 - Soft Palms

Soft Palms Qigong is an intermediate skill level qigong requiring  coordination and agility with a range of backward and forwards walking coordinated with the turning and softening of the wrists and palms. 


wild goose Patting the Meridians graphic

6 - Patting the Meridians

Simply put, you pat the 12 meridians in a set sequence while walking a Kunlun Bagua circle.  


7 - Back Stretching

wild goose Back Stretching graphic

7 stretches the spine and opens the Governing Vessel using a  deceptively simple Chinese figure eight movement to relax the entire waist and hips while Bagua walking.


8 - Five Element Qigong

wild goose Five Element Qigong graphic Learn the secret of how quick and linear movements can stimulate Qi to permeate to the body surface, and how soft and gentle movements can stimulate Qi to run deep to nourish internal organs.

9 - Chest Opening Aromatic Qigong

wild goose Aromatic Qigong graphic Chest opening aromatic Qigong, is an advanced Qigong designed to open up all your meridians and combine personal qi with the external qi  of the heavens and Earth




wild goose set 1 tse graphic

Wild Goose Qigong: 1st 64 Movements by Michael Tse

As you can see you need to buy 3 dvds to cover the first 64 movements.

And then to say that they are difficult to find unless you buy directly from his site visit the site


wild goose 1 with yuzhi

Wild Goose Qi Gong, By Lu Yuzhi.
1st 64 movements

An initial demonstration of the entire 64-movements of the first form, followed by step-by-step teaching of groups of movements. Each movement is shown three or more times. There are front, rear and side views. At the end there is a demonstration of the form from the rear.

VHS 120 mins Narrated by Jiang Jian-ye."  Lu Yuzhi Dayan Qigong set 1


wild goose 2 with yuzhi

Wild Goose Qi Gong, By Lu Yuzhi.
2nd 64 movements

A demonstration of the entire 2nd 64 forms from front and back. Each form is taught 3-4 times with front and back views.  Lu Yuzhi dayan Qigong set 2



VHS tapes
Wild Goose Qigong by Hong-Chao Zhang

wild goose set 1  graphic Hong-Chao Zhang's VHS tape complements his book. The first 64 movements are shown twice. The first time has an accompanying voiceover track and divides the set into small sections. The second demonstration is continuous and has no voiceover. The pace is very gentle.


Dayan Qigong,
First and 2nd 64 Movement Form

wild goose master rong graphic Master Lu Gui Rong  is a master of Wu (Hao) taijiquan, Yang taijiquan, and Wild Goose qigong.

 Volumes 44 &45 of Traditional China's Living Treasures Series contains 1st 64 set visit site,

 Volume 46 & 47 contains 2nd 64 set  visit site,




Digital downloads or rental

We have not been able to try this because the amazon service is restricted to the USA - if you live outside the USA we are testing filmbaby at the moment