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dayan qigong movements
wild goose 2

dayan qigong movements

Sometimes we use dayan and sometimes wild goose - they both refer to the same set of movements.


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2nd 64 dayan qigong movements

note: (*x) means repeat the move x times
  1. stretch claws
  2. draw arms
  3. look for the wind
  4. claws to shoulders
  5. eliminate sick qi
  6. twine hands
  7. turn body and accumulate chi
  8. release sick qi
  9. hold qi with wings at back
  10. qi in qi out
  11. pass though legs
  12. transmit qi to ankles
  13. rub legs
  14. clap hands
  15. rub arms
  16. hit points
  17. collect qi
  18. cross arms
  19. sink down
  20. flutter over grass
  21. double slap and turn body
  22. cross arms
  23. sink down
  24. flutter over grass
  25. double slap and turn body
  26. cross arms
  27. sink down
  28. slap back of legs
  29. three swings
  30. withdraw body and cover face
  31. turn body check ground
  32. close palms
  33. rub palms
  34. look for clouds in the mist
  35. wind back wings
  36. wind back arms
  37. let qi penetrate down body
  38. brush wings
  39. brush arms
  40. shake wings and wash chest
  41. stretch wings and wash head
  42. sink down and draw back wings
  43. swim and fly upwards
  44. point to sky
  45. row on ground
  46. turn body and row on ground
  47. hold qi
  48. go back
  49. connecting steps
  50. kite turns around
  51. shoot arms
  52. penetrate the fog
  53. look at the wind while flying upwards
  54. horizontal wings
  55. fly across the sea
  56. fly and swing
  57. pour qi in and shake the body
  58. shake wings
  59. look down
  60. lift arms and welcome moon
  61. big twining hands
  62. fly over water
  63. holding and collecting chi
  64. shou gong