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dayan qigong books

book covers for wild gooseWe found a lot of books that mentioned dayan or wild goose qigong - but most of them mentioned it in passing as a comprehensive and complex set. Others used one or two of the moves to illustrate points of qigong practice. The ones listed have wild goose as their main theme.

Wild Goose Qigong by Yang Meijun

ISBN 7504601276  China Science & Technology, China (Dec 1991)

The first and second 64 movements are illustrated with line drawings. Descriptions of the second 64 movements in English are hard to find. Mostly unavailable from the big booksellers - think second hand.



Wild Goose Qigong (Da Yan) by Yang Meijun

Wild Goose by yang meijun (English & Chinese; 73 pages, b&w, illustrated; 14x21cm)

This book contains the first set of 64 Actions of Da Yan, or Wild Goose, Chi Kung - one of the most popular sets in China. It includes 77 diagrams and detailed explanations of the movements, along with guides for practice and information about the exercises from the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.

spotted on Australian site they do ship internationally and you can see a sample on the site



Wild Goose Qigong: 1st 64 Movements by Michael Tse

ISBN 1903443016

Michael Tse studied with Yang Meijun. Anecdotes of Yang Meijun. Five element theory. The 64 movements are illustrated with line drawings of Michael Tse. Interspersed are line drawings showing acupressure point details. Appendices give overview diagrams of acupressure points and a cross-reference of their names in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.



Wild Goose Qigong 2nd 64 (book 1) by Michael Tse

ISBN 1903443032

Covers movements 1 - 37 of the 2nd 64 set with line drawings of Michael Tse.



Wild Goose Qigong: Natural Movements for Healthy Living

Wild Goose Qigong by Hong-Chao Zhang

Natural Movement for Healthy Living

YMAA Publications, 2000.  ISBN: 1886969787.

A very brief overview of qigong history followed by the effects of qigong on the body.

Pages 19 to 102  cover the 64 movements illustrated by photos ( about 227)  of Hong-Chao Zhang and an explanation of the benefits of the move. For example movement 4 - fold the nest is said to be good for eye disease and and poor digestion.



"Chi Kung: Taoist Secrets of Fitness and Longevity" by Wen-Mei Yu

Taoist secrets of fitness Unique Publications, 1998.  ISBN 0865681651

Wen-Mei Yu studied with Yang Meijun. Covers the development of wild goose chi kung and the meridians channels and acupoints involved. Also covers  five element theory and the basic hand forms. Chapter 7 page 70 is the start of the detailed analysis  illustrated with photos of Wen-Mei Yu.