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We have found a few dvds that you might like to check out. We find that good dvds are useful if you can't get to regular classes or even if you want to just try something new before you track down a good teacher. We hope you find something you like.

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Tai Chi Short Form

collection of shibashi dvds T'ai Chi master Ronnie Robinson has produced a comprehensive study of the popular Short Yang Form. Full demonstrations plus details on corrections and subtle differences make this a practical guide which will allow you to learn at home.




Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi, The 37 Step Form

collection of shibashi dvds With Mark Peters, senior instructor of West Midlands-based Kai Ming Association. The form is shown from Front and Back Views. The moves are show in detail and some martial applications shown.




Tai Chi For Health - Yang Short Form

art of life  by simon blow Dunn teaches 10 minutes of breathing and warm-up exercises followed by a 30-minute introduction to the basic postures, then a full hour of step-by-step instruction and practice of the 37 postures of the Yang Short Form.

The video ends with an eight-minute demonstration of the complete Yang Short Form, showing how the postures flow together.


Cheng Man-Ching's Tai Chi Chuan

collection of shibashi dvds Prof. Cheng's Complete Yang Style Short Form Explained and Demonstrated and taught by Sifu William C. Phillips, direct student of Professor Cheng Man-Ch'ing.

Each movement shown from several angles with clear explanations. There is even a video sample on the site and the offe that any student  student who has questions while studying with the video is welcome to contact Sifu Phillips directly via email!
available from patience tai chi.

Cheng Man Ch'ings 37 Postures

collection of shibashi dvds This double DVD is instruction in the 37 Posture Form. There are numerous alternate views, with text and audio instruction. Also included ia a Tai Chi over view and common form mistakes and correction. only available from ctcc




CMC 37 form postures

collection of shibashi dvds A step by step instruction and self-practice program on CMC 37 form postures. Mandarin/ English/ Japanese. The DVD can be ordered from Taiwan:
Cheng-Tzu Tai-Chi Chuan Study Association





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