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tai chi for busy people

Dr Keith Jeffrey's Tai Chi for busy People has a relaxed and friendly approach ideal for beginners.

The explanations are clear and his use of comparisons to help illustrate the moves is good - we particularly like the horse! This was probably the first time we really 'saw' what sink body means.

Dr Keith Jeffrey's Tai Chi Video contains a modern set he developed called The Infinite NineTM - so called because you can extend the repetitions with the form to create a longer routine.

An added bonus, it comes with an audio tape so you don't have to rely on your memory or video to remember the moves.

Minor niggle: At one point he is talking about the importance of the knee and how to bend properly, and the toe (you're not supposed to extend the bent knee over the foot!) is just out of shot off the bottom of the screen.

A great DVD. Highly recommended. We actually bought this and 4 Minute FitnessTM and wouldn't swap.

Go take a look for yourself tai chi for busy people