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ChiFusion TM Level 1

In the ChiFusion TM program Al Simon has taken his 30 years experience of teaching students to good use, creating an innovative approach to the teaching of the classic Qi Gong pattern 8 Brocades. What you get for your money is an interactive computer book that you run on your PC. The ebook includes text, posture illustration, photos, and videos.

The detailed information and posture instructions lay strong foundations for safe and effective practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

The illustrations are very helpful - especially the ones that show you what not to do!

And of course the great thing is if you have a laptop - you can take it with you when you travel.

Highly recommended - we still go back to it to brush up on the basics.

Al is so serious about his methods that he does not try to sell his course straight away.

What he does is invite you to sign up for a free course of lessons  Sign up here for chifusion

BUT .. I told him you must be serious if you read your way through the review! so he relented and gave me  a secret backdoor to let you take a sneak peak.. 


At the very least you should take free course there are definitely some things in that will make you think