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It is possible to learn tai chi at home and there are many advantages to doing this.

You don't have to find and travel to a class and you can fit it in with your work and life commitments.

The drawbacks are that you will be on your own - so you could mis-understand what is required and end up doing something which is wrong for you.

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graphic learn at home The traditional way to learn tai chi at home was to use a book. And that is what we did when we first started. It can be tricky reading a book held in your outstretched hand.

And it can be very difficult to understand written instructions sometimes there is just not enough information. Other times there just seems to be so many things to do at the same time.

Usually once you know what you are doing the move is over in a couple of seconds. A better option for many people are dvds again the quality of the teaching is what makes it good. If you are a beginner you will need something thorough - not just great demonstrations.

Check out our video clips of lessons to see what kind of approach works for you.


graphic learn at home monitor Now you can learn from a real teacher while sitting at the computer. There seem to be two main variations.

The first is where you either download the lessons in the form of an ebook or login online for the lessons.

You get all the advantages of dvds + you get access to the teacher via email. Some sites even get you to send in videos of yourself practicing and give you feedback on your progress.

If this type of training appeals to you we can recommend Al Simon's course. Al is so serious about getting the right training for his students that he insists you take some sample lessons before you commit to spending money -  sign up for your sample lessons


graphic learn at home camera A more recent development is the web cam course. Each student has a web camera set up at home and they connect to the teacher at a set time. The teacher has is able to see what the student is doing and comment on their progress there and then. The site I have seen do this charges $20 a lesson. We have not tried this out so we can't really comment on how effective it is. In thoery it should be as good as a live class. And nowadays new laptops have webcams built in...


graphic learn at home clock For any learn tai chi at home method to work for you  you have to set aside the time to do the work.

What often happens is that because it is so flexible people tend to put it off because they have something else to do.  And lo and behold its bedtime! And not a step taken.