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Can I learn tai chi online?

beijing 24 form snake creeps down The short answer is yes you can.

If you are in a hurry we only recommend one online tai chi course sign up now for your sample lesson or read our review for more info

Now you can learn tai chi at home  while sitting at the computer.

There seem to be two main variations.

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Watch and learn

This is where you view the lessons on line - these may consist of videos and spoken lectures. The benefits of this are that you can go over and over the lesson until you feel that you have got it or you can "whiz" through areas that you have covered with another teacher.

Some of the more expensive courses enable you to join a forum and even send in videos of your performance so that you can get individualised courses.

We've tried a couple of these and the results have been very mixed ...

We did find a really great course that we are pleased to recommend. So if you are interested in this type of training we can recommend Al Simon's course.

Al is so serious about getting the right training for his students that he insists you take some sample lessons before you commit to spending money -  sign up now for your sample lesson or read our review for more info


Interactive class

graphic learn online camera This where you  learn tai chi online with a  real teacher  watching what you do and providing feedback in real time.

There are only a couple of sites offering this at the moment and we have not tried them out. They seem to charge the same as standard classes - about $20 a lesson. You might have to watch out for things like different time zones and take into consideration that the teacher will need to be able to see you clearly.  So things to consider include the quality of your camera  and whether your home lighting shows you clearly.



Do your research

Either way if you want to learn tai chi online - compare several sites. A great looking site does not always have the best lessons.

Ask some basic questions:-

Now what? - you have the answers.....

Well we can't tell you who to pick, what we can do is is help you sort out what is important to you

Did you like the sample lessons and feel that they helped you understand the lessons and the tai chi principles?

Is it value for money? Typical tai chi lessons can cost between $10 to $30 an hour! And a single simple tai chi form can take  10 - 20 hours (concentrated) - and then a lifetime of practice.