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    roc spreads it’s wings

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Roc spreads it’s wings is another free qigong exercise for you to learn. We’ve also seen what looks like the same exercise done as a warm up and called 'Early bird spreads its wings' so you might already know it.

The influence of birds and their wing movements is not just found in qigong - the swooping action of raising the arm is found in the simplified tai chi form as 'White crane spreads its wing'. If you would like to learn more please visit tai chi 24 step form resources

For this move imagine that you are a powerful eagle as you raise your body and heels and stretch your wings out to get ready to fly free.





free qigong exercise:
Roc spreads its wings:

opening position:

free qigong  exercise- - roc spreads it's wings

transition move:

arc body forwards:

free qigong  exercise- - roc spreads it's wings

arc body backwards:

return to starting position:

end of free qigong exercise end of qi gong exercise

Putting it all together:

The complete free qigong exercise sequence

free qigong  exercise- - roc spreads it's wings

free qigong  exercise- - roc spreads it's wings