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What is tai chi?

tai chi movement snake creeps down Many people associate tai chi (pronounced tie gee) also spelled as taiji with the typical image of a large group of people in a park moving slowly in unison through a series of "dance like" movements.

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It is probably fair to say that more people use tai chi exercises for health and relaxation than tai chi as a Martial Art.

Nonetheless it's roots are in martial arts and the moves with wonderful names like "part the horses mane" are art the heart of attack and defence.

Either way, the slow and fluid movements of tai chi require concentration, control, co-ordination and balance. This combination of mental and physical activity works to harmonise the mind, body and spirit and promotes feelings of wellbeing.

This makes taiji an excellent choice for people who are bored by the repetitive nature of many other exercise systems.

There are several major styles of taiji some having more emphasis on the martial art side and others are combinations and refinement of traditional forms. Within each style there are several forms

Tai chi exercises make an ideal complement to other sports such as golf, or other martial arts training as a warm up or warm down technique.