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They always say that you should practise tai chi in the fresh air, so we thought that we would try to take the last set of shibashi instructions outside. So we went looking for pretty locations. All these were taken on October 30th 2003 around Loch Achray in Scotland.

Feel free to try and guess the form, application or even style in the following tai chi photos and feel free to use these in your club magazine, presentations, in school projects or even on your site. Please check out our terms of use


waterside tai chi

step back to repulse monkey - heading into loch

repulse monkey - backwards into water


Blindly following instructions can lead you into deep water.

But actually it was too hot in the sun - in October!

So on to tai chi fan to cool down!


fluttering fan

tai chi fan against golden woodland

tai chi fan beside the water

tai chi fan against Scottish loch

tai chi fan outside in the wind - a bit of a flutter


By this time the wind was getting up and the fan was fluttering too much. So on to tai chi ball

tai chi ball

tai chi ball at the waterside

tai chi ball into the sun - wearing sunshades

Apparently the ball was blending in too much with the background - we needed somewhere darker

tai chi ball against golden woodland


It might be better if you had something in your hands she said! Try the other tai chi ball routine. I noticed that this time I was walking towards the water!!


tai chi reflections

What we need are some good reflections she said - go stand over there - and stay still. Though how I am supposed to that while doing the Scooping the Sea move ....

tai chi moves reflected in a calm lake

tai chi move against golden woodland

If you look carefully you'll see Jackie's shadow - it's probably the only photograph you'll ever see of her !

tai chi by the lake

At this point Jackie is walking away saying that she needs more trees.

tai chi against golden woodland - photographer prefers the woods

And now I can't even hear what's she's saying! So back to the castle for a hot drink.

tai chi by the lake


tai chi holiday

Back to the castle to see how the photos come out. Pretty impressive for holiday accommodation - yes?
back to the castle

tai chi evening

At the end of a busy day we came back to find a rainbow

beautiful rainbow to end the day

sunset by the loch

sunset by the loch

sunset by the loch


fantasy tai chi

tai chi photos we wished we could have taken - you can dream - can't you?

Falkirk wheel with odd tai chi addition

Falkirk wheel looks a bit like yin yang machine

which just goes to prove you can't believe anything in a photograph anymore.