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tai chi instruction layout

taiji qigong move painting the rainbow here is an example

Painting a Rainbow

raise arms over head:

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As you can see the names of the qigong or tai chi moves are in bold - they look darker - like this

Painting a Rainbow

In qigong and tai chi lots of actions have to be performed at the same time - and are often related to breathing direction changes.

To make life easier we have grouped these together into little blocks and given them names in italics - these names are just made up and hopefully reflect this segment of the move - don't expect to see them any where else. ( if you do they copied us!)

raise arms over head:
Then you do all the instructions in the indented bits at the same time ..... 

In this example there are several things to do - usually there are more.  The longer version of the instruction would be

While you are breathing in raise your arms upwards until they are fully extended and, at the same time turns your palms to face each other so that when you reach the top the palms are facing..

You can imagine what it is like to try to follow longer sequences.


If you find the tai chi instructions unclear or if you have any queries about the exercises or have some favourite qigong exercises that you would like to share then contact us .