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spine picture

For more information about how the spine picture related to the way the spine is structured have a look at our spine information spine picture

First 7 are the neck or cervical vertebrae supporting the skull   more information about 


Next 12 are the chest or thoracic vertebrae each carrying a pair of ribs

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The next 5 are the lumbar vertebrae transmitting the weight down to the sacrum. These take the strain during lifting more information about the  

Next 5 are fused as the sacrum housed within the bones of the pelvis. These transmit the weight sideways from the spine into the pelvic girdle

Last 4 bones of the spine are fused as the coccyx – the tailbone - and only move during pregnancy

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Our spine picture and other spine information is for information only. Spine health is vital so always consult your health care professional if you have pain or  trouble moving your spine - or  muscles spasms or twitches or anything you think might be related to the spine.