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qi gong exercise:
     rowing on a calm lake

qi gong exercise contents

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This is one of many qi gong exercises involving rowing on a lake. The variation tends to be in how large the circles are and how far behind your back the circles go.

This exercise is very similar to ‘Rowing the Boat in the Middle of the Lake’ in the shibashi routine - and we have all 18 moves described in detail for you. If you would like to learn more please visit shibashi introduction

This move is one of the gentler variations. It looks as though you are drawing big circles with outstretched arms but your arms never go behind the body - making it much easier on the shoulders.








qi gong exercise: rowing on a calm lake

opening position:

rowing on a calm lake

transition move:

circle arms to head:

rowing on a calm lake

Circle arms to ground:

repeat: raise arms over head thru return arms to sides 4 - 6 times

return to starting position:


end of qi gong exercise


Putting it all together:

The complete qi gong exercise sequence for rowing on a calm lake

rowing on a calm lake

rowing on a calm lake