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qi exercises: raising the arms

qi exercises contents

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Most qigong sets or qi exercises start with some kind of opening move to create better breathing and to stimulate the chi or qi. This one looks as though you were holding a cloth at arms width and using it to fan someone as your arms go gently up and down.

It's the opening move of the modern qi gong Shibashi routine and we have detailed instructions for all of the 18 moves. If you would like to learn more please visit shibashi introduction








Qi exercises: raising the arms

opening position:

qi exercise raising arms

transition move:


raise arms to shoulders:

qi exercises lower arms

return arms to sides:

repeat: raise arms to shoulders thru return arms to sides 6 -8 times

return to opening position:

end of qi exercises

Putting it all together:

The complete qi exercises sequence

qi exercises lower arms

qi exercise raising arms