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Some form of balancing or quietening the chi is usually used to finish off a qigong set. It helps to leave you feeling relaxed and calm.

Confusingly, we have also seen it used at the start of a session - to help you become calm and relaxed to get the full benefit of the rest of your exercises - so the choice is yours.

The exercise looks as though your hands are being pushed up by an expanding balloon of energy and at chest height you turn your palms over to press the balloon back down.





chi exercises - Balancing the Chi:

qi exercises lower arms

opening position:

transition move:

raise heels:

qi exercises lower arms

lower heels:

Repeat: raise heels thru lower heels 6 - 8 times

return to starting position:


end of chi exercises



Putting it all together:

qi exercises lower arms

qi exercises lower arms