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chen tai chi video clips

sample chen tai chi video clipThese chen tai chi video clips are of the competition form. Some are demonstrations and some are clips from actual competitions.

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example of youtube play button press the play arrow on the center of the screen shot to play the video. Scroll down the page to see all the ones we found



Chen Competition Taijiquan Form

Demonstaration of the 56 Posture Chen Competition Taijiquan Form has Chinese writing which probably gives you the name of each posture as it is performed. Clear, graceful and flowing


Wu Shu Competition 2007---Chen style Tai Chi

Sifu Sam Sun at the International Wu Shu Competition 2007. Shot at the competition - poor light with a dark background and him in a dark suit means that it is not always possible to see the finer details of the moves.


Chen Taiji 56 Competition Form -- Shifu Ding Jianping

Slower than normal speed 6:32 (competition routines must be completed within 5:00) which makes the full components of the moves easier to see.


wuyingfeng chen taiji

Shot at an actual competition the lighting is a bit poor and there is a lot of clashing sword noise in the background. Very fast explosive power and very flexible performer.


Hunyuan Chen Taijiquan

Elements from a non-traditional Chen style competition form performed by Imre Bard. Very fluid