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Tai Chi Links

Hi, with almost a quarter of a million Tai Chi sites it can be a bit of a hit and miss affair finding a site that does what you are looking for.

We've listed some of the sites we like best with a tiny overview of what's at the site.

We hope you find something that you like.


Al Simon's site Based in Portland Oregon, a great site with free sample lessons and a video from their Chi Fusion™ programme.

Also has a list of class schedules and information on how you can become a certified instructor.


Dr Keith Jeffrey's site Great at recognizing that we don't have the time to exercise - and provides a creative solution. Some good articles and hints.

If you are interested, they offer seminars in Canada and cruises. Also available is an instructor certification program for Easy Tai Chi™.

From this site you can go to his 4 Minute Fitness™ site and his weight loss site.


Dr Paul Lam's site Dr Paul Lam had arthritis at 22 and turned to Tai Chi for aid. Since then he has competed in competitions at the highest level and has created a range of tapes and books to cater for a wide range of abilities.

He personally leads arthritis workshops across the world and certifies his own instructors to teach his arthritis program.


Robert Parry's site Robert Parry is an oriental medical practioner and is the author of the Tai Chi Manual.

The site has some interesting points to make about stress and health.


Simon Blow  Simon Blow is a standing Council Member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Beijing.