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Qigong Breathing for Stress Relief
Author: Jack Ready

All of us experience stress in our busy lives. Stress can have significantly different effects depending on how we deal with it. Stress has been shown to adversely affect blood pressure, sleep patterns, libido, and immune system. There have been thousands of articles and books written on the subject of stress relief. Here is a brief breathing exercise from the Chinese art of Qigong to relieve stress and energize your body.

Stand relaxed with your heels together and your feet at forty-five degrees. Relax and take a couple of slow breaths. Try to let your body settle and your pelvis to rotate slightly forward with your knees slightly bent.

Place your hands slightly below your waist with your palms facing upwards. This will rotate your elbows slightly outwards. Breathe in slowly as you bring your hands up and out as if scribing a circle.

When your hands meet at the top of the circle, slowly bring them down the center of your body with palms facing downwards as if pushing a long plunger. As you breathe out, focus on the stress flowing out of your body, through your feet, into the ground. Exhale fully. It may take some practice to empty your lungs completely, but this will come.

Repeat the above breathing three times. As you repeat the exercise try to make the exhale last longer each time.

Over time, this exercise will feel more powerful and more relaxing. Try to keep your mind blank and body relaxed while doing this exercise.

Hope you enjoyed this tai chi breathing article ..

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