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Qigong Breathing: True Healing Miracles
Author: Jeff Primack

What if the fastest, most direct route to healing existed right under our noses--literally? It does; it's our breath, bringer of oxygen, channel of life energy and source of true miracles. Your breath is so powerful that it can, in fact, send your body humming like a car engine. Besides delivering oxygen, the breath channels a powerful force in the body, an energy called Qi. This Qi energy causes the body to "vibrate," increasing organ function, balancing metabolism and promoting healing.

Your physical body is overlapped by a spiritual energy body and this is the one that vibrates and it is also the body we are seeking to 'activate' in Qigong. Everyone has Qi; however some people can hold 10-1000 times the amount of a normal person. The term 'activate' refers to the Qigong principle of filling up the storage center (Dan Tien) with Yang Qi thereby increasing the flow of Qi to such a degree that ones Qi can be seen as cobalt blue vapors rising from the skin. This cobalt blue substance is the universal color of Yang Qi and its cultivation leads to higher levels of body function.

But, is this the limit of Qigong? I once heard a man say Qigong was metaphysical, but not spiritual. Is cultivating the living energy of God not a spiritual practice? And how does any of this relate to creating miracles?

What is a True Miracle?

A miracle can be defined as any event that is so statistically unlikely, it cannot be explained by natural laws, or even attributed to random chance. For example, say John Smith, a soccer superstar, tears a tendon during a big game. Physical law dictates that a torn tendon takes considerable time to heal, perhaps several months. Even if one had profound levels of Qi, this kind of injury would require many concurrent sessions and considerable time to heal. Now, if the torn tendon healed instantly during halftime while John was on the sidelines, this would be a miracle. The statistical probability of instantaneous healing is so remote; it appears to defy the natural laws. However, after years of clinical work with nearly a dozen renowned Qigong masters, shamans and healers of many faiths, I have personally witnessed two different types of energy healing: 1) Qi Healing 2) Miraculous Healing.

Qi healing is an ancient practice based on Qigong breathing disciplines. It can be used to treat almost any illness, physical or emotional, from asthma and migraines to depression and anxiety. It is based on the Qigong theory that all around us there is living "Qi Plasma" that permeates every square inch of the universe and throughout all of existence. During Qi healing, the practitioner uses specialized breathing techniques to first absorb Qi and then "pressurize" Qi in his or her Dan Tien, the body's storage area for Qi, located behind the belly button. Qigong breathing practices create tremendous heat in the body, which builds up in the hands. The practitioner then places his or her hands on or near the person being treated, transmitting the Qi. People who receive this intense dose of energy usually have some immediate response. They may gently sway or undulate as the Qi energy enters their cores; some people will laugh, cry or have what they later call a "spiritual experience."

As powerful as the Qi Healing experience is, it's a process; several sessions are usually required to completely heal a serious problem. Instantaneous healing is extremely rare. Even so, it sometimes happens, especially with particularly powerful healers and between people who share an especially strong connection--say, a husband and wife, or a parent and child. These kinds of healings, which defy even the laws of Qi, are what I call miraculous healing.

Miraculous Healing Example

High-level Qigong can manifest true miracles from God or the ultimate energy. Using Qi to perform healing is not the same as harnessing this ultimate energy. Miraculous healing describes an instantaneous healing of body, mind or spirit; in miraculous healing, a deep and lasting cure is affected. The healing is complete and immediate, and never returns. Miraculous healing begins with the same breathing mechanics and energy flow principles, but it also requires the mental assent by the patient. When one is willing to heal, when one has faith, miraculous healing can begin.

Here's a true story to illustrate. A few years ago, my wife injured her knee in a ski accident. The ski patrol carried her on a snow mobile down the mountain; when I met her at the bottom, she looked up in agony and said, “I need to go to the hospital!” Her knee was swollen with visible internal bruising.

It was a reasonable request. Even so, spirit moved me to insist she sleep first, before going to the hospital. The next morning, she woke up and sat up on the edge of the bed. When she tried to stand up, she winced horribly in pain. I asked her if she was willing to let me try Qi healing on her knee. She agreed, both reluctant and hopeful.

I practiced Qigong for an hour and returned to the room when my hands were fully charged with energy. But instead of using my usual approach, I was guided to try something different. I stood beside the bed and asked her, “Do you believe you can be healed, totally and completely, on this very day?” She looked doubtful, but said “Yes." I placed my hands over her knee and began practicing my usual method of focused Qigong breathing. The pulsation between my hands and her knee became very intense; after about 20 minutes, she said, “I can feel a strong current flowing from your palms.” Sensing the opportunity I asked her again: "Do you think it is possible to heal completely and totally on this very day?” She smiled and her eyes filled with tears. “Yes," she said. "I do believe it is possible.”

You probably know how the story ends. For 30 minutes I held my hands over her knee while doing concentrated breathing reciting a silent prayer. Suddenly, she heard a clicking sound and exclaimed, “I just heard my knee click!” I slowly pulled my hands away and asked her to try walking. She did, without pain. I then asked her to jump up and down! Tearful, she jumped repeatedly without pain. In that moment I realized that something different had happened. Her knee looked normal without even so much as a bruise. She was totally healed.

Summary on True Healing Miracles

Since this first miraculous healing experience, I have seen many other cases. The process is always the same; the patient doesn't believe at first that total and instant healing is possible. But when he or she feels the strength of the Qi, a mental door opens up. Disbelief is suspended, faith enters and healing begins. If the words of Jesus are true, “Your faith alone has healed you," then we can see why Qi healing is so important. The powerful energy sensations the patient feels at the first contact of Qi energy provide the foundation for faith! Qigong brings in the energy, but the mind of the patient brings in the miracle.

And spontaneous or miraculous healing isn't limited to physical ailments. It's equally, if not more, powerful in addressing many mental and emotional ailments, including depression, anxiety, insomnia and addictions. Because it works with energy and operates in the spiritual realm, Qi healing can quickly and completely heal people with these and other disturbances. Even when years of psychotherapy or behavior modification have failed, Qi healing can effect lasting change.

Perhaps not surprisingly, there appears to be power in numbers; miraculous healing tends to occur more frequently in group setting, probably because of the sheer amount of energy available. In China, people frequently gather in groups of tens of thousands inside stadiums to practice qigong. These events are known for miraculous healings--the kind where paralyzed people get up out of wheel chairs and walk. I believe it is the sheer size of the group energy field that allows this to take place; when many people are gathered together in faith, with the intention of healing, it's impossible not to create dramatic change. The greatest miracles occur when our focus is united in faith, and Qi energy exponentially enhances this process. God breathes life into every particle of the universe; the miracle truly is right under your nose.

Jeff Primack is the founder of the Supreme Science Qigong Center and has taught his unique Qigong and Food-Based Healing system to thousands of people. He has led numerous Qigong workshops and developed DVDs and books to help educate people on the benefits of Qigong

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