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shibashi pictures: postures 1 thru 6


shibashi pictures moves 1 - 6


Enjoy your shibashi

Have a look at these shibashi pictures – we’ve taken out the detailed instructions so you get a better idea how the shibashi shibashi-move-s flow into one another.

Raising the Arms

shibashi picture raising the arms


Opening the Chest

shibashi picture opening the chest shibashi shibashi-move-ment opening the chest


Painting a Rainbow

shibashi picture painting a rainbow


Separating the Clouds

shibashi picture separating the clouds shibashi shibashi-move-ment separating the clouds


Rolling the Arms in a Horse-riding Stance

shibashi picture rolling the arms shibashi shibashi-move-ment rolling the arms shibashi action rolling the arms shibashi action rolling the arms


Rowing on a Boat in the Middle of a Lake

shibashi picture rowing a boat shibashi shibashi-move-ment rowing a boat


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Enjoy your shibashi

Enjoy your tai chi qi gong